Making the [furryclan] uniform

The [furryform]

This section discusses how we made the famous [furryform], the all-white [furryclan] uniform. The mod was made jointly by [lakmethemud] and myself, [furrycat]. Neither of us had had any prior experience making skins for SWAT3. The idea behind this guide is to explain what we learned along the way.

People often say that they "know nothing about computers" and that they "could never make a mod for a game" like this one. Let me repeat, we made this uniform with no prior modding experience. All you have to do is look at other people's work and figure out what they've done. Make a few changes to existing mods and see what happens!

This is not meant to be a tutorial. Some people have used it as such and have produced some good mods by following the techniques we discuss but it is nonetheless designed as more of a reference. If you want a dead-simple step-by-step guide, more like a traditional tutorial, try [furrycat]'s SWAT3 uniform HOWTO and then come back here.

On with the show. Check out part one of this guide, setting the skin names we use.

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