About [furryclan]


[furryclan] is a back-to-basics SWAT3 clan. There are no ranks or roles. We have no allies or enemies. There's no politics in [furryclan]. And there are only two rules. We just want to play co-op games...

[furryclan] uses Battlecom. Although not very many people else are going to now that Microsoft has shut it down.

[furryclan] history

[furryclan] was started by me, [furrycat] in March 2001. I'd been playing SWAT3 online since November 2000, at first under the name zen_numbnuts (because furrycat was already registered) and then as [FSK]_Colp_furrycat. It's a testament to the quality of the game that I was still online nearly every day after five months! However I had begun to feel a little disillusioned with SWAT3 online. A lot of good players had stopped playing and their place was increasingly being taken by juvenile idiots flooding the chatrooms with abuse or guys who were only interested in playing deathmatch. I felt I needed a clean break so, after much deliberation, I left FSK and invited the three guys I most often teamed up with, [Longbow], [lakmethemud] and [_Zero_], to join me in setting up a new squad.

The premise was simple: to dispense with the pointless politics and concentrate on what being in a clan is supposed to be about, playing the game! We play co-op games almost exclusively. Indeed, you'll never see me in a DM. We play for fun, of course, but we play to win too. This means sticking to the rules regarding use of force and working as a close-knit team.

If you share our enthusiasm for co-op play then look us up. We're loyal to our friends and will always greet you and invite you to join our games. Who knows, if you play with us enough and you've got what it takes we might invite you to join the crew.