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[furryclan] uniform


Our "Spacesuit" uniform includes personalised skins for each member PLUS (we're so good to you) several male and female Guest skins so our friends don't feel left out. The current version of our uniform mod is furryclan-3.15.1.zip and the latest patch update is furryclan-3.15.0-3.15.1.zip. See the section on updates for information on how to install an update.


[furryclan]'s preferred voice chat program is Battlefield Communicator. Grab the client (2.2Mb) to join sessions and the server (1.7Mb) if you want to host your own.

Unofficial [furryclan] mods

These mods were done by other people or are not officially related to [furryclan].

L0wZ0ne's scenarios

L0wZ0ne has updated his career pack. Send feedback to him directly.

dearkiddy mod

Before joining [furryclan], dearkiddy followed our uniform tutorial and came up with this mod featuring skins for her and another [furryfriend], {SWAT5}****EL****Logitechdog. The mod has since been assimilated into the main [furryclan] mod.

[furrycat]'s mods

[furrycat]'s mods can be found at http://swat3.furrycat.net/mods.html.

Uniform update zip files: a guide for the cunning

If a new member joins [furryclan] we will need to update our uniform mod to accomodate him/her. Rather than download a whole new mod for only a couple of changes, you can download our official update zipfiles and "patch" your existing mod.

As an example, here's how to upgrade the 2.7 mod to 2.7.8. Upgrading other version numbers is a similar process. Only the filenames are different. In particular, the directory inside the zip file is now always called furryclan-uniform, regardless of the mod number.

Step 1: download the update

Head over to our downloads directory and grab the latest update. In this example, the file you would use is furryclan-2.7-2.7.8.zip.

Step 2: backup your existing mod

Go to your SWAT 3 mods directory and make a copy of the mod you're updating. That's furryclan-2.7.zip here. Rename your copy to furryclan-2.7.8.zip. If for example you were upgrading from 3.1 to 3.2 you'd rename furryclan-3.1.zip to furryclan-3.2.zip, and so on.

Step 2

backup mods

Step 3: extract the files from the update mod

Open the update zip and extract all the files to your mods directory. Make sure Winzip's "Use folder names" option is ticked.

In this example, it should create a directory named furryclan-2.7. Remember that from now on this new directory will always be called furryclan-uniform. You know it's a long and complicated process taking screenshots like this...

Step 3 - extract files

Step 4: add the new files to your existing mod

Drag the newly created directory (not the individual files) to your new mod. Here we'd drag furryclan-2.7 to furryclan-2.7.8.zip.

Step 4

When you do this Winzip will pop up a dialogue box in which you should select "Add and replace files" and hence overwrite the original files with the new ones. Make sure "Save full path info" is NOT selected.

Add files to zip

That's it, your furryclan-2.7 mod is now updated to 2.7.8!

Photoshop documents for the uniform

This section is aimed at [furryclan] members although non-members are welcome to download them if they are interested.

When you've finished playing with the documents, hide any layers you won't be needing and use the Save as or Save a copy menu to save a .bmp version of the image. Hidden layers will not appear in the .bmp file.

Other downloads

There are other random things like missions and third party mods on [furrycat]'s site.