Making the [furryclan] uniform

Download and quiz

For best results using this guide you probably ought to download the [furryclan] uniform and take a look at the files we made. You can grab the uniform from our downloads page.

Guess what the logos mean

Ever wonder what those funky logos on the back of [furryclan] members' uniforms are all about?

So do we...

Seriously, not everyone in the clan knows what everyone else's logo signifies. Sure, I know what [predaeus]'s logo is, for example. It's a wolf. But why did he want a wolf on his back? I have no idea! And I know neither what [lakmethemud]'s logo is nor what it is for...

If you think you have an explanation for our logos, drop us a line with your guess. You can guess for as many members as you like in one message and you can send multiple messages but you can't guess more than once for one member. We'll put up a special prize for the lucky (or clueful) winner!

Enter our quiz

Send your entry to We'll put up screenshots of each member in action to help you later on. For now you'll have to download our mod and check them out for yourself...

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