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Dynamic mode - [_Zero_]

Having played SWAT 3 for quite a while now I have noticed that there are many different styles of co-op play apparent in clans and with individuals. Everyone has a slightly different take on how it should be done, ranging from the strict team assignments and 100% arrests to "every man for himself" carve ups. Most players who want to have a decent game with some structure to it will lean towards the former method, favouring the proper "text book" manner over a looser gung-ho one.

This is good. Somewhere along the line though, the words "Go dynamic!" and "Bang and clear" have become associated with "Rambo style" games and the stealth approach has become the de facto standard for what is considered a sensible game. Element leaders (including myself) are scorned for using such dynamic tactics, switching players assignments on the fly, or expecting their assaulters to have minds of their own. Many people haven't even considered that dynamic play can be just as safe and effective as stealth provided that the element are all on the "same frequency..."

Effects of dynamic mode

The effects of entering dynamic mode either directly or otherwise are, in no particular order of importance:

  1. The element has faster movement.
  2. Suspects are quicker to comply.
  3. Suspects' movement increases.
  4. Suspects become more aware of your presence.

Points three and four are the greatest fears of any EL, which is why dynamic mode is mostly feared/shunned by those who consider themselves a responsible commander. Yes, dynamic mode and the manœuvres associated with it can "bring the dogs out," making faster thinking and movement vital. If your team is not up to this then it's best not to attempt it, but do not moan at those of us who do!

Dynamic mode would not be available as an option if it were not a viable method of operation. Suspects are aware of your presence on most maps as soon as the first unsuppressed shot is fired, compliance is issued or, in some cases, CS gas is deployed. Even if they're not alerted to your activity you must still presume that they are and take the necesary precautions. The benefits of the faster movement and higher impact associated with a dynamic entry, coupled in turn with good cover and gassing, overcome any negative effects brought on by its use. Indeed, just because you're in dynamic does not mean that you can't mirror or pick locks when you think it's appropriate to do so.

Because of the fluidity offered by this playing style you must become fluid as an element if you are to be successful. When you do, the benefits are liberating, highly enjoyable and a lot more exciting.

[furryclan] are committed to shaking up "standard" SWAT 3 tactics. Real SWAT elements don't stroll nonchalantly up to every doorway and mirror it. Not once the cat's out of the bag. When the action kicks off these guys move fast. So do we.

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